The Private Eye cosplay

I am in love with The Private Eye comic from panelsyndicate.com. And particularly, the coat the main character has. I’ve been looking for a white jacket with a hood fro a while, but haven’t had any luck. So, when my dad came home with rain ponchos for this weekends music festival, and I ended up with the white one, I thought, “Why not?”.


I don’t have any pictures of my wearing it yet (no doubt I’ll take them this weekend), but here is how I made it.


First off, I went to the first issue, where I knew there was a couple good pictures of the jacket’s hood. I took a screenshot, and then blew the picture up until it was about the same size as the back of my hood.


Then I took a normal piece of printing paper, and held it over my screen as I traced out the design. I also traced out the lines of the center of the hood, although I didn’t put that on my hood, just so that I could center it correctly.


Voila! Finished sketch!


Then I held it under the hood, trying to center it. I used a plastic head, to help keep the paper smooth against the hood so I could see the lines clearly. After centering it, I took the pen I used on the paper, and did another tracing. I didn’t’ take any pictures past this point, but i’ll do my best to explain what I did.

After tracing the pattern onto the hood, I took a big book, and set it inside the hood, so that it could lay flat. You could do that how you wanted to, honestly, even just keep it on the head. I then took a Sharpie and traced the pattern again, lengthening the mouth a bit, and filling in all the places that needed to be black. I then took some yellow paint, and filled in the eyes.

I decided that I needed to actually paint the teeth white to make them stand out, so I did that next. All the painting took a few goes, as I almost always had to go back over at least parts of the sharpie again, because I got paint on the lines.


I let it dry overnight and the next day. When I got home, I took it outside (again on the plastic head), and took some clear spray-paint and sprayed over it, to make sure it stayed waterproof. I did two coats, and after that dried, I left it hanging in my room for a few more hours to make sure, then folded it up to take to the festival!

DSC01560 DSC01561

It’s just a little thing, and even though I look ridiculous in a rain poncho (but then again, who doesn’t?) It’s something that will make wearing it more fun. And jesus, it truly is more scary in real life ass apposed to the comic book. I love it. – Dita