Sword Cont’d

A few weeks ago (our very first post), I was showing you guys a sword I was making. I’ve actually taken pictures of most of what I’ve done since then, and it’s now finished. There are definitely things I’d do differently next time, which I’ll get into later.


First thing I did was paint it silver. As I did not have any spray paint, I did it with some acrylic paint I had laying around, mixed with grey paint. That didn’t work out very well, as it didn’t look very good, and was patchy….You could even see some of the newspaper form the paper-mache still, after a few coats. Also, the paper-mache cracked about midway down the sword after I painted it — probably not enough layers on top of foam. So I took some hot glue and glued it down, just to cover it up. I decided to use it sorta as a decorative thing.

I took some white paint and painted the sword, not really paying attention to the handle as that would be covered up later. Not sure if it was the paint or paintbrush, but you can see the paint strokes, like the individual hairs on the brush in the paint still. If I’d noticed that before it dried, I’d have gone from the center out, not just up and down on the blade.

After that I took some different silver paint and painted that over the white, a few coats. It was starting to come together and look nice.



I went to my fabric bin and found some leather scraps I had, and then grabbed some plain cotton in a similar colour.


I took the cotton and tore it into thin strips….maybe half an inch wide.


I then started wrapping it around the handle of the sword, using my trusty hot glue gun (which I’m seriously starting to consider naming) to secure the ends by overlapping and gluing the ends of the strips. I went all the way to the bottom, gluing it down neatly so the entire thing was covered. Then I grabbed the leather scraps.



Here I wrapped a bigger piece all the way around, cutting it off when it came back around. I put the seam on the side, and made sure to glue it down at the top of the handle, right underneath the cross-guard. Just put some hot glue around the edge of it, and then along the side-seam and the bottom is a great place to glue as well, to make sure it stays. It didn’t seem to matter if you put glue on the whole thing, though you can.

DSC01608 DSC01611 DSC01610

I just continued fitting the leather pieces together and gluing them….it takes a bit of thinking, but just go with it and when you’re done…


…you have a pretty cool handle.


DSC01613 DSC01616 DSC01617



It’s not quite what I thought it’d look like when I started out, but I like it a lot better actually. 

What I did next was to take the hot glue and add two more ridges around the base of the blade, to go more with the whole decorative thing. After putting the glue around it, I’d get my fingers wet so that it wouldn’t burn/stick to me, I shaped the hot glue to match the first ridge, making it look like, well, a ridge, instead of a blobby line of hot glue. Be careful if you do this, hot glue burns suck!

After doing that I took some more of my silver paint and painted over the hot glue (in hindsight, probably would have been easier to add the ridges all at the same time. oh well).


I then started distressing it a bit, to make it look real. I used the tutorial from Risachantag on Deviantart. Next time I’m going to for sure use spray paint instead of actual paint (my mom brought some home today, in fact) and it might look better next time. 

DSC01628 DSC01625


I concentrated the black paint around the very bottom of the blade/cross-guard, and the edges of the hot glue. I also put some on the handle.


I had also held a lighter to some of the seams, which caused them to peel back, blacken, and generally smell bad. But I do like the affect, and please be careful when playing with fire and materials. Be cautious, as I was not 😉


I also put some silver on the edge of the blade, and center, as it said in the tutorial, after spreading the black on the blade a bit.


I then took a hammer, because my edges were really thick (from the foam and poster board and paper-mache), and hammered the edges. it actually flattened them a bit, even though be careful, because it’s pretty easy to break.


And finished! I don’t want to use paper-mache again, just because it tends to crack as I’ve found out. Pretty good first try though I think. Has anyone out there ever made weapons for a costume before? What did you do?