A New Dress

I haven’t been making a lot of stuff lately, and what i have made i’ve forgotten to blog about. But right now i’m making a dress, which i took from a blog post i found, where i fell in love with the bodice of the dress.

I’m changing the skirt, and basically most stuff other then the top of the bodice, but it’s coming along and i thought i should show it to you guys.

Photo on 12-28-14 at 11.26 AM #5

Sorry for the shitty photos, i got a new computer for Christmas and i haven’t gotten around to using my camera with it quite yet. This is from the webcam, and that’s the bodice. It’s only basted together currently (i’m planning on sewing it today), and i don’t even have the skirt started yet. I’m going to line it, but because i made this pattern up from a photo, i want to sew up and make sure the bodice fits before i sew the lining.

Photo on 12-28-14 at 11.27 AM #4

That’s the boning for the bodice. The original blog post (which i don’t have to link right now but i promise i’ll find and then edit this later) showed how she sewed in her boning. I wasn’t going to originally but it needs it. I’m also going to add black edging i think around the top of the bodice, and will figure out some straps as well.

The boning is just some black zip ties i had in my closet. I cut off the edges, trying to roughly round them, and then melted the edges with a lighter and dipped them in water to cool them quickly. After that i held three together and wrapped some scotch tape around them. Voila! Easy breezy cheapy boning. I’ve used zip ties before and they work alright….I think it will be fine for such a light fabric.

Okay, that’s all for today. i hope you guys had (and continue to have) wonderful holidays, and a happy New Years! I may be wearing this dress new years, we’ll see if i finish it in time 🙂


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